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Family Tree for Reed , Farmer ,Woodall , McBride ,Smith and West.

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The Enoch Benjamin Reed Family of Yell County Ar.


        These pages are dedicated to all those who have gone before us and paved the way for us to be where we are today. Our Ancestors truly are a part of us and who we are.

      " Some family trees have beautiful leaves , but some just have a bunch of nuts. Remember it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking."

   Searching my family tree roots has brought much enjoyment into my life . I've especially enjoyed finding relatives that I didn't even know we had. I feel like I am guided sometimes in my search by my mother , aunts, and others. I want to especially thank my cousins for all the help and great pictures I have received from them. We had a dear aunt that did alot of research in the last years of her life and left us alot of information to follow up on. Our great grandmother's Bible was also a great source of information for our family tree.

  I've been trying to learn more about the history of the different periods of time to better understand about the things that hurt them and the things that gave them happiness and pleasure. Altho wars. fashion, and customs change , somethings are eternal..love , pride in children , devotion to country , sadness at the death of loved ones and joy in a crop or new baby. I have discovered  that deeds of property can sometimes tell us about their way of life or financial histories.

  I can almost feel their pain , when I read of the children that are lost at birth and so young in years. I know it must have been very painful to leave their parents behind when they travelled in wagon trains to new places and new adventures. They must have had many fears for themselves and their children as they reached out to new lands and places. Too many mother's died during childbirth with few midwives or a doctor to help them. There was so much sickness and disease because of the lack of proper medical care .

 I truly love all my ancestors , even tho I have not found them all. I will continue to search for the missing branches or twings. I want to honor them and show the world who they were . I want to keep them alive in my families's children and grandchildren. I hope and pray they will do the same for their children.


             " The Enoch Reed Family of Franklin County , Alabama "


Enoch Reed was born 1809 in Georgia . He married Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed born in 1811 in Indiana . Enoch and Mariah were living in Tn. in 1829 to 1833 . In 1835 we find them living in Marion County ( St. Claire ) County , Alabama . Enoch and Mariah are found living in Franklin County in 1840 and lived there until their deaths sometime between 1870-1879 .They are not shown in the 1880 census with their children. Enoch Reed established " The Reed  Cemetery " near Newburg and Holly Grove , Franklin County, Alabama. Enoch Reed was a farmer and also a maker of shoes and tanner of leather according to family history. His wife Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed was born in Indiana to J.J. Johnson and Holly " Nettie " Johnson . According to the family history of the Reed family she was a full blood Cherokee Indian. We have researched for her but have been unable to find her in any records, as we found our Shining Star . It seems if they keep their indian name it's hard to find them . Our Shining Star took an english name so she was easier to find. We have alot of stories that have been passed down in the family about  Holly " Nettie " , so we feel she did exist . We are happy to add her to our family tree .


      " The Children of Enoch and Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed "

Obidlance [Reed] [1829-1855] was the first child born to Enoch and Mariah [ Johnson] Reed . She was born in Giles , Tn.
Obidlance Reed married Oliver P. Tungett [1829-1860] of Alabama .
They had the following children together :
1. Mary J. Tungett [1848-1921].
2.Dorthory A. Tungett [1849-].
3.Zachariah Enoch Eufronis Tungett [1851-1938].
4.Sarah Melinda Tungett [1853-1932].
5.Infant son Tungett [1855-1855].
Both Obidlance and Infant Tungett died in 1855 and were buried in the Reed Cemetery , which was on Enoch Reed's property. Enoch Reed dedicated the land for a Reed Cemetery to Franklin County , Alabama .
After Obidlance Reed's death Oliver P. Tungett married another daughter of Enoch Reed , Martha A. Reed [1837-1860].
Oliver P. Tungett and Martha A. Reed had two children together.
1. Matthew Oliver Perry Tungett [1856-1898].
2.Mary E. Tungett[1857-].
After Martha's death Oliver P . Tungett left Franklin , County , Alabama and took his children with him . The Reed family lost contact with him and the children.
Years later we were contacted by Tungett Researchers who gave us the new information so we could change and update our records. We are very thankful for that .


Zachariah Enoch Uefronis Tounget & Cynthia White Little Tounget's family .
Photo about 1922 Runnels County , Texas.
Front Row : L to R. John Perry [1880-1965], Verb Jones [ husband of Oma Dell],Sid Walden [husband of Hattie], Charles F. Tounget[1890-1966]Oma Dell Tounget Jones]1882-1967],Zacahariah Enoch Uefronis[1851-1938], Oran Bob Tounget[1898-1968], Cynthia White Little Tounget [1862-1950].



Charleston F. Dubois & Sarah ' Sally" Tungett Dubois Family .
Photo taken about 1907 in Lawrence County , Tn.
Seated : Charleston F. Dubois [1857-1945], & Sally Tungett Dubois [1857-1932].
Standing L.toR. Marian Elizabeth [Dubois]Garrett[1876-1909] and children Vivea & Charles W. Garrett ,Issac Thomas Dubois[1889-1970],
Porter E. Dubois[1878-1953]and Mary Heneritta [Dubois] Kemp


Zachariah Enoch Uefronis Tungett[1851-1938] & Cynthia White [Little] Tungett [1862-1950] Children.
Photo take abt 1918 , Runnels County , Texas.
Front Row L to R. John Perry Tungett [1880-1965],Hattie Tungett [1885-1977],Ernest Tungett[1905-1957].
Back Row , L to R. Oma Dell Tungett [1882-1967],Charlie Tungett [1890-1966], Oran Bob Tungett[1898-1968] & Barton Tungett[1895-1917].


  Enoch and Mariah had six sons who served in the Civil War . They were Andrew Bluford Reed , James J, Reed , Issac Reed , Thomas C, Reed , Enoch Christopher David Reed, and John T. Reed. That was a great sacrifice for any pioneer family to endure.




The three boys Enoch and Mariah lost in the Civil War , were James J. Reed , ( 1831-1862 ),  Issac Reed , (1835-1864 ) ,and Thomas C. Reed ,( 1845-1861 ). I know this must have been a very hard thing to except for Enoch and Mariah.  




Andrew Bluford Reed was born [ 04 Jan 1833  in Marion , St Claire Co. Alabama ] and died : [ Oct 2. 1911], Russellville , Franklin Co. Alabama .]
He served as a Pvt. in Company H. 16th Alabama Inf. Regiment . He was wounded in battle at Golotha Church , Georgia  and discharged in 1864.
Andrew Bluford Reed first married Mary Williamson [1836-1858] . They had three children together .
1. Rhonda A. Reed [1854-1936].
2. Martha J. Reed [1856-ukn].
3. Samantha Carolyn Reed [ 1858-1897].
Andrew Buford Reed next married Sarah M Long [1842-1917].
The children born to Sara ' Sallie'  M. [ Long] Reed  and Andrew Bluford Reed were :
1. Enoch Cicero Reed [1866-1968]
2. Charles P. Reed [1870-]
3. Mary C. Reed  [1873]
4. Rosabelle E. Reed [1877-Ukn]
5. Issac Nobel Clark Reed [1884-1945] 
 According to family history they lived in or near Lawrance County Alabama. They were found in the 1880 Census for Franklin County , Alabama . Andrew married Sara M. Long in 1860 .


Andrew Buford Reed , [ Information].
Andrew B. Reed (First_Last)
Regiment Name 16 Alabama Infantry
Side Confederate
Company H
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Private
Alternate Name
Film Number M374 roll 37
[Source: National Archives and Record Administration, Washington, DC.]
16th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
16th Infantry Regiment, assembled at Courtland, Alabama, in August, 186
1, contained men from Russell, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Franklin, Cherokee, a
nd Marion counties. The unit was ordered to Tennessee, then Kentucky whe
re it fought at Fishing Creek under General Zollicoffer. Later it was assi
gned to General Wood's, Lowrey's, and Shelley's Brigade. After taking pa
rt in the Battle of Shiloh and Perryville, the 16th participated in the ca
mpaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, moved wi
th Hood to Tennessee, then saw action in North Carolina. In September, 186
1, the regiment totalled 867 effectives. It sustained 168 casualties at Mu
rfreesboro, and lost fifty-nine percent of the 414 engaged at Chickamaug
a. During December, 1863, there were 302 present for duty and 202 arm
s. It lost 150 killed and wounded at Jonesboro and half of its remaining f
orce were disabled at Franklin and Nashville. On April 26, 1865, abo
ut 50 officers and men surrendered.
Field officers: Cols. Frederick A. Ashford, A. H. Helvenston, and Willi
am B. Wood; and Lt. Colonels John W. Harris, Joseph J. May, and John H. Mc
[Source: Dyer, Frederick. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion . .. D
es Moines, IA: Dyer Publishing Company, 1908.]
COMPANY H. - From Franklin county, was raised by Lieutenant Colonel Jo
hn W. Harris, Jr., who was its first captain.



James J. Reed , Born :( 1831-1862 )  in Franklin County, Alabama , served our country in the Civil War. He was in Company A 27th Alabama Inf. Regiment. James was killed in battle( July 21, 1862 ). The battle was in or near  Chattanooga , Tn..
 James left a wife , Martha ( Yocum ) Reed [1834-ukn] and a son John Jr. Reed  who was born in( 1862-1942] ) .They were found living in the household of James's father Enoch Reed in the 1870's census for Franklin County, Al. Their son had the following children with Mary[Ukn] Reed [1868]
The children of John Jr. Reed and Mary Reed were ;
1. Clara Reed [1885].
2.Gordon J. Reed [1887].
3.Albert Calvin Reed [1889-1967].
4.Essie Reed [1892] .
5.Jennie Reed [1894].
6.Mancy Reed [1898].
7.Willie Reed [1900] .
8. Mary Jewel Reed [1904].
9.Rusty Reed [1906-1980].
10.Palmer R. Reed [1908-1969].
The family made their home in Cross Roads Prentiss, Mississippi
information came from Census Records
1870, 1880,1900,1900,1920 and Research .


James J. Reed [ information ] .
James J. Reed (First_Last)
Regiment Name 27 Alabama Infantry
Side Confederate
Company A
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier's Rank_Out
Alternate Name
Film Number M374 roll 37
[Source: National Archives and Record Administration, Washington, DC.]
27th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
27th Infantry Regiment was organized in December, 1861, at Fort Heimen, Te
nnessee. Its companies were recruited in Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence, M
obile, Madison, and Morgan counties. The unit was sent to Fort Henry, th
en Fort Donelson where it was captured on February 16, 1862. However, a nu
mber of men were sick in the hospital and escaped the surrender. These m
en were organized into two companies, joined a Mississippi regiment, a
nd at the Battle of Perryville lost 8 killed and 25 wounded. The main bo
dy of the regiment was exchanged, reunited with the other two compani
es at Port Hudson, and assigned to Beall's and Buford's Brigade, Departme
nt of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The 27th was engaged at Champion's H
ill and Big Black River Bridge, served in the trenches at Jackson, and lat
er moved with the army across the Pearl River. During the spring of 186
4, it joined with the Army of Tennessee and, attached to General Scott's a
nd Shelley's Brigade, participated in many conflicts from Resaca to Benton
ville. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865.
[Source: Dyer, Frederick. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion . .. D
es Moines, IA: Dyer Publishing Company, 1908.]



Issac Reed born ,( 1835-1864 ) in Franklin County Alabama, served our country in the Civil War. Issac served in Company H, Ala. Volunteers. He was killed in battle in 1864.
 He was survived by a wife, Susan ( Yocum ) Reed .
 The children of Issac and Susan ( Yocum ) Reed  were ;
 # 1. Enoch Camel Reed (1861-1914 ) .
 #2 .John A. Reed [ 1862 -1942].
#3. , Mariah A. Reed ( 1855 )
 # 4.  Mathious Calvin Reed ( 1857-1914 ) .
 Issac's wife Susan was a sister to John J. Reed's wife Martha ( Yocum ) Reed. 


Issac M. Reed [ Information]
Military Service Pvt, Co. H, AL Infantry Regiment
  • Event: Military Service Killed in an action of the Civil War, at the age of 29
  • Residence: Bet 1840 and 1861 Newburg, Franklin Co., AL
  • Residence: Bet 1835 and 1840 St. Clair Co., AL
  • Note:
    Land Office: HUNTSVILLE Sequence #:
    Document Number: 30883 Total Acres: 39.77
    Misc. Doc. Nr.: Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No Issue Date: September 01, 1860
    Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No
    Survey Date: Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
    Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
    Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
    Legal Land Description:
    # Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Ran
    ge Section #
    No 7S 10W 28
    [Source: U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Washingt
    on D.C. http://www.blm.gov/nhp/]

  • oldscroll.gif


    Thomas C. Reed was born,( 1845-1861 ) in Franklin County, Alabama . Thomas served our country in the Civil War in Company D 28th Alabama Inf. He was killed in battle on( 28 Jan 1861 ). Thomas was not married.


    Thomas C. Reed [ Information ]
    1845 in Newburg, Franklin Co., AL 1
  • Death: 1861 in Elyton, AL
  • Event: Military Service Co. D, 28th Regiment Alabama Volenteers
  • Event: Military Service Killed in an action of the Civil War, at the age of 16
  • Residence: Bet 1845 and 1860 Newburg, Franklin Co., AL
  • Note:
    T.C. Reed (First_Last)
    Regiment Name 28 Ala. Inf.
    Side Confederate
    Company D
    Soldier's Rank_In
    Soldier's Rank_Out
    Alternate Name
    Film Number M374 roll 37
    [Source: National Archives and Record Administration, Washington, DC.]
    28th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
    28th Infantry Regiment, formed at Shelby Springs, Alabama, in March, 186
    2, contained men from Perry, Blount, Marshall, Jefferson, Walker, and Dall
    as counties. It moved to Corith and suffered losses from camp diseases. La
    ter the unit was ordered to Kentucky and fought at Munfordville. It then j
    oined the Army of Tennessee and served under Generals Trapier, J.P. Anders
    on, and Manugault. The 28th took an active part in the campaigns of the ar
    my from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, was with Hood in Tennessee, and saw acti
    on in North Carolina. It was organized with 1,100 men, reported 105 casual
    ties at Murfreesboro and 172 at Lookout Mountain. In December, 1863, it to
    talled 276 men and 189 arms. The regiment lost 4 killed and 24 wound
    ed at Ezra Church, and many were disabled at Nashville. Very few surrender
    ed in April, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels John W. Frazer and Jo
    hn C. Reid, and Lieutenant Colonels William L. Butler and T.W.W. Davis.
    [Source: Dyer, Frederick. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion . .. D
    es Moines, IA: Dyer Publishing Company, 1908.]

  • oldscroll.gif

    Enoch David Christopher Reed ( 1845-1930 ) was born ( 4th Nov.1845  )in Franklin County Alabama. Enoch served his country in the Civil War in the Alabama Volunteers as a Captain and returned safely to his family.
     Enoch David meet and married Sara Loatisha ( West ) . on the ( 4th of September 1868 ) in Alabama.
     The children of Enoch David Christopher and Sara Loutisha Reed .
    1. Joseph Johnson born ( 1872-1932 ) ,
    2.Enoch Benjamin " Knox " born (1873-1933 ) ,
    3.William Jess " Bill " born ( 1876-1948 )
    4. ,Sara Marie born (1878-1906 )
    5., James Littleton born (1882-1956 ) 
    6. Thomas Calvin " Cab " Reed . (1884-1959 ) . 
     The children were all born in Franklin  County , Alabama .
     The family moved to Steve , Yell County , Arkansas about 1889 /1900 .  Enoch David's wife Sara Loutisha ( West ) Reed died , ( 20 June 1904 ) and is buried in the " Nooner Cemetery " Yell County Arkansas.  Enock David lived until ,( 1930 ) and he is buried in the Sunlight Cemetery , Plainview , Arkansas .
     According to family history he was not buried in the " Nooner Cemetery"  with his wife Sara Loutisha ( West ) Reed due to weather conditions .                                            

    Enoch David Reed [ Information]
    Sunlight Cemetery is 2 miles south of Plainview, Yell Co., AR.
    Land Office: DARDANELLE Sequence #:
    Document Number: 6982 Total Acres: 40
    Misc. Doc. Nr.: 19713 Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No Issue Date: April 28, 1899
    Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No
    Survey Date: Statutory Reference: 12 Stat. 392
    Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: May 20, 1862
    Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Homestead Entry Origi
    Legal Land Description:
    # Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Ran
    ge Section #
    1 SESW 5TH PM
    No 3N 22W 35
    [Source: U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Washingt
    on D.C. http://www.blm.gov/nhp/]


    John T. Reed who was born in ( 1847-1905 ) in Franklin County , Al. John T. Reed died in Mississippi .  Was a son of Enoch Reed [1809-1870] and Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed [1811-1870].
     John T. Reed meet and married Nancy A. ( Mansel ) Reed  ( 1852 ) .
    Nancy [Mansel] Reed was the daughter of James E. Mansel and Mary Mansel .
    John T. Reed served as a Captain in the Civil War , unit unknown. John T. and Nancy A. had the following children .
     #1. Thomas J. Reed  ( 1872-1905 ) in Al.
     #2. James F. Reed ( 1870 ) Al. 
     #3. William H. Reed ( 1873] Al.
     #4. Enoch D. Reed ( 1875-1948 ) . 
     #5.  Issac M. Reed ( 1879-1947 ) .
     #6. Sara A. Reed ( Feb. 1880 ) Al. 
     # 7.  Virginia Caroline Reed ( 1884-1964 ) Al. Virginia Caroline married George S. Lauderdale on 03 November 1901 .
    According to family history John T. Reed did marry again to Jossie ( Unknown ) no known children from this marriage .


    Enoch D. Reed , born ; abt 1875 in Alabama and died ;08 Mar 1948. He was the son of John T. Reed [1847-1905] &Nancy[Mansel] Reed[1852-].
    Enoch D. Reed married Katherine " Kate" [Henley] Reed . She was born; Jan 1874 , Moulton , Lawrence, Alabama and died 17 Oct 1958 in Mount Hope ,Lawrence, Alabama .
    They had the following children together ;
    1. Josie Lee Reed [15 Jan 1898 ] & died [ Dec 1899.]
    2. James " Jimmie" D. Reed [15 Feb 1901]& died [05 June 1986].
    3.Roscoe Reeed [02 Aug 1903]&died [04 Oct. 1958].
    4.Mary Mae Reed [11 Dec 1904]&died[23 April 1994].
    5.Addie Cleo Reed [05 Oct.1906] & died [13 Feb 1996].
    6.Dewey Walker Reed [18 July 1908]& died [18 Feb 1984]
    7.Lennie Reed [03 Sept.1910] & died [13 Oct 1959]
    8. Ila Mae Reed [23 Mar 1913] & died [30 April 2004].
    9.Robert Helton Reed [22 Feb 1914 & died [24 Oct 1999] .



    Elizabeth Reed ( 1849 ) was born in Franklin County , Alabama . Elizabeth died at a young age and was never married . She was probably buried in " The Reed Cemetery .








    Sarah Marie Reed was born ( 1843-1907 )in Franklin County, Alabama . She married  Silas  " Buck" Berlin . Seay [ 1846-1930] of Franklin County Alabama.
      They are both  in buried in the Oakgrove Cemetery Franklin County , Al.

    Family history states he took care of the Reed Cemetery as long as he lived.
    The above information on Sarah Mariah [ Maria] Reed and Silas B. Seay and their children comes from Doris Reed , a Reed researcher of this Family Tree.




    Notes ; Mariah Johnson Reed 's father was J.J.Johnson and her mother was Holly " Nettie " Johnson. Our " Reed Family Bible " says she was a full blooded Cherokee Indian who was born in Indiana . Research has not been able to prove that fact as yet .                                                                                      
    Enoch Reed was listed as a farmer and blacksmith in the family history. In the 1870 census we also found a Jane Yocum 60 yrs old listed as an aunt  and  a Mathias Yocum 84 yrs old who we believe to be Jane Yocum's father. We know that two of the Reed wives were (Yocums )  so we believe there is a family connection between them and Susan and Martha Reed.


    It is believed that both Enoch and Mariah died between 1871 and 1879 as they are both missing from the 1880 Federal Census. They are both buried in " The Reed Family Cemetery " in Franklin County , Al.         


      This Journal of the many branches of the Reed Family has been a real challenge to the remaining Reed cousins. We feel proud to be a part of this great family and want to keep their memory --   alive for those that come behind us. It seems when you open a door to the past there suddenly are many doors to open. We feel the pictures and history of our family tree makes it more personal .  Stop !   Take time to step back in the past and meet some of the great people who have gone before us .


    The information on our Family Tree pages was and is a joint project with several family members working together. Alot of the great information came from an old family bible of the Woodall,s ,Reed,s Farmer,s and McBrides.Much of the information has been checked and verified. There are some things that are family stories and history that has passed down from parents to their children. This is still an ongoing research of the many branches and twigs of this great family. New pages and items will be added as we learn new information. We are proud to let the others know about our family tree.


    Any remarks or information should be sent to Rebecca at seawinds31@earthlink.net information on these pages is the property of the" History Journal 0f the Reed Family Tree ". written by Rebecca  , Bonnie , and Jo Ann . Special notes , letters and family history and other information from the late Rebecca Louisa ( Woodall) Farmer, Hunt, Johnson's( Family Bible) and Arbelia ( Farmer) Reed and Lula Marie ( Reed) Woodard . Without all this information we would not be able to put our "Reed Family Journal" together. 


     In the early days of researching of our Family Tree , Our Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard worked with another Reed , her cousin Melva ( Reed ) Warren. Melva and Lula Marie worked together on some of the branches and twigs . They made a great team and helped us with alot of information. A special thanks to them.

    Enoch Reed and Mariah ( Johnson) Reed
    Marker in rememberance of Enoch and Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed in " The Reed Family Cementry,

    Enoch Reed (1809) born in Georgia and wife Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed born in Indiana in 1811 . This marker is in " The Reed Family Cemetery " in Franklin County, Alabama. Enoch and Mariah both died between 1871-1879. We have them listed in the census  for 1870 but not 1880 .


    Family Background Information About Enoch Reed [ 1809] and his family . Information from Reed researcher Dorris Reed . Thanks so much for the new information .

  • Name: Enoch REED
  • Given Name: Enoch
  • Surname: Reed
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 6 May 1809 in Georgia 
  • Death: Aft 1870 in Newburg, Franklin Co., AL
  • Residence: 1 Jun 1840 Franklin, Alabama, USA 
  • Residence: Bet 1829 and 1833 TN
  • Residence: 1835 Marion, St. Clair Co., AL 
  • Residence: 1850 District 6, Franklin, Alabama
  • Residence: 1860 Eastern Subdivision, Franklin, Alabama
  • Residence: 1870 Township 7 Range 10, Franklin, Alabama 
  • Burial: Unknown Reed Cemetery, Newburg, Franklin Co., AL
  • Event: Nationality Irish
  • Occupation: Blacksmith/on census *Ref: notes
  • Event: Military Service Served in the Civil War, unit unknown
  • Event: Physical characteristic Unknown At age 21 Enoch lost all of his red hair; it grew back white.
  • Note:
    All 6 of Enoch's & Mariah's sons fought in the Civil War, 3 survived, 3 d
    id not.
    Alice King noted that Enoch's occupation was as a manufacturer & tradesm
    an with a talent for tanning leather & making shoes. However, on a
    ll of the available census records, he lists himself as a blacksmith.
    She also mentioned that Enoch corresponded with his sister, Henrietta, who lived in VA, or NC, or SC.
    (Source: Alice King Justice, from a letter written to Lula Woodard, before 1984.)

    Reed, Enoch
    State:Alabama Year:1840 County:Franklin Roll: M704_4
    Township:Russellville Page: 255 Image:197 [Ancestry.com - Image 6
    1840 Census...............Enoch Reed, Franklin Co.
    *** Obidlance is the oldest child of Enoch & Mariah Reed, wife of Oliver [ O.P.] Tungett & mother of Mary J. , Dolly A. Zachariah , Sarah M. and an unnamed infant son .

    She was born in TN ca. 1829 & died ca. 1855. She
    **TUNGATE infant - Reed Cemetery - son of Oliver & Obidlance
    **TUNGATE Obidlance Reed - b. ca 1829 - d. ca 1855 - Reed Cemetery - bo
    rn in Tennessee]
    If Obidlance was born about 1829, it would follow that Enoch & Mariah were married 1828-1829.

    An AL land patent was found for an Oliver P. Tungett. An O.P. Tungett
     is in the 1860 AL census, his wife was Martha A. who was 23 years old [
    b.'37-'38 - 2nd wife & mother of I.M. & Mary E.]. 

    ***** Elizabeth Reed is in the 1850 census, 1 yr. old. She is not in the 1860 census but an Elizabeth E. Cambelle is [ no explanation of who she is ] she is age 16 .
    Land Office: HUNTSVILLE Sequence #:
    Document Number: 25482 Total Acres: 40.08
    Misc. Doc. Nr.: Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No Issue Date: April 02, 1857
    Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No
    Survey Date: Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
    Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
    Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
    Legal Land Description:
    # Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Ran
    ge Section # 1

    Father: UNKNOWN Reed

    Marriage : Mariah A. Johnson , b: Jun 1811 in Indiana . Married : between 1828 and 1829 .

  • Children of Enoch Reed and Mariah A. [ Johnson ] Reed
  • 1. Obidlance Reed , B: abt 1829 in Tn .
  • **2. James J. Reed , b: 1831 in Tn .
  • 3. Andrew Blufort Reed , B; 04 Jan 1833 in Tn [ according to1850 Census ] , military records report Marion , Al.
  • **4. Issac M. Reed  b : 1835 in Tn or St. Clair C. Al.
  • 5. Martha Angeline Reed b : 1837 in Franklin County , Al.
  • 6.Sarah Mariah [ Maria ]Reed  b: 30 Mar 1843 in Newburg , Franklin Co. Al.
  • **7. Thomas C. Reed , B: 1845 in Newburg , Franklin Co. Al.
  • 8. Enoch David Reed , b: 04 Nov 1846 in Newburg , Franklin Co. Al.
  • 9. John T. Reed , b: 1847 in Newburg , Franklin Co. Al.
  • 10. Elizabeth Reed , b: 1849 in Newburg , Franklin Co. Al .
  • ** Reed Boys who died in Civil War .


    We Are A Family

    Since before any of us were born, God planned for us to share our lives together.  He knew exactly how our strengths and weaknesses would balance one another and the depth of love, understanding, and commitment we would learn to feel.  He knew the richness of our separate characters would be born as a result of overcoming the trials together.  He knew that we would laugh together and cry together.  He knew we would need each other....to hug....to help....to teach....to serve....to Love.....


    " Remembering Our Reed Family with Honor , Respect , and Love "


     A special note of thanks to cousin , Bonnie  ( A Reed Gal ) for all the good information ...obituaries ,photo's , notes and copies from our old Family Bible . All the old letters with some much history and information and the many discussions and talks about any thing we needed to research more. Thanks so much for all your hard work and your great interest in helping us discover all the branches and twigs of our Family Tree . This journal of the Reed Family would never have come together without your help .You have our Special Thanks.  


    Always In Our Prayers , God Bless All Those Brave Warriors .


    Link to Rebecca's other Family Tree site . The Family Tree for Hollimon , Vandiver and Portwood . Please take time to visit both sites . Rebecca ..Peace and Love .

    Family Tree Site of Dorris Reed on Reed,Arnold,Merchant,Cloessner and others .Click here .

    Reed Cemetery, Franklin Co. Newburg, Al.

    Prayers for our Country .
    Check out link below picture .

    Reed Cemetery Dedication
    Newburg , Franklin Co. Alabama

    Two decendents of the Reed Family Tree helped in the dedication of the Reed Cemetery .
    The Cemetery dedication was Mar. 14th & 15th , 2009 .
    A decedent of the Oliver P. Tungett family and a decedent of the Enoch Reed Family were there for the celebration .
    Our decedent for the Enoch Reed Family [ David A. Reed ] died 08 April 2013 . He was born 01 Nov. 1950 . We are very sorry to have lost him . He was a great supporter of the Reed Family Tree and the dedication of the Reed Cemetery in Franklin County , Alabama . He was the son of Carl Andrew Reed and Jean [ Stone] Reed .
    The land for this cemetery was given after Enoch Reed's oldest daughter Obilance [ Reed] Tungett and her infant son died. They were the first people to be buried there.
    Please click on link for Reed Cemetery for more information .

    Reed Cemetery
    Franklin Co. Alabama


    Reed Cemetery Dedication
    Newburg, Franklin Co. Ar.












    Reed Gals , Arbelia Reed , Re , Ida Mae Reed.



    Two reunion photos for years 1986 and 1988 . Relatives of Enoch David Reed .  Reunion was in Yell Co. Arkansas .

    Arkansas Reed Reunion
    Not sure of date or place . If anyone knows send me information to post with photo .

    Reba , Effie Reed McBride , Jo Ann Reed .
    Reed Gals .

    JoAnn Reed , Lula Reed Woodard , Rebecca Gray .
    Reed Gals

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