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George Washington Woodall [1818-1865] &Elizabeth Eveline [Smith] Woodall[1820-1861]



    " Family History from the Family Bible of George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Evaline ( Smith ) Woodall."


   Researching our family tree has been a great adventure for me. The names of people I heard as a child and later as a teenager are coming into my life as a real person and not just a name. I have learned so much about the people who are apart of my family tree and what wonderful things they did and how they survived many hardships along the way. I want to write about them so all will know who they were and that way they will always be remembered as apart of our family tree.



 George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Evaline [Smith ] Woodall were my gggrandparents. They were born in Davidson County , North Carolina. George was born [ 24th Feb. 1818  and died abt 1865 ].  Elizabeth was born [ 8 th Nov. 1820 and died abt 1861 ]. They meet and married [ April 25th 1847. ] The exact year  has faded from the old family bible . The first dates in bible are in the 1840's so I'm sure it's in that time frame.  We know that George Washington Woodall's parents were James and Eliza Woodall. They were found in the 1850 Davidson County, N.C. Census living next door to their son George. James was listed as 52 yrs old and Eliza was listed as 47 yrs. old. There are children listed as theirs also , they are ; John ,Jane,Thomas,Elizabeth ,Benjamin and James C. Woodall. The children's ages are not listed.  


   Elizabeth Evaline's parents were Leonard Smith [1802 ] and Rebecca [ Workman ] Smith [ 1805 ] . Her parents were from Davidson  County, North Carolina.  Leonard and Rebecca were married in 1823 in Rowan County N.C.  We know Elizabeth Evaline was the first child of Leonard and Rebecca Smith.  Our family history states  Leonard Smith was a Trapper and Rebecca was a Cherokee Indian with some mixed blood. She had taken an English name and dropped her Indian name " Shining Star " .  


 As I was growing up I had heard stories about her and her journey from North Carolina to settle in Yell County , Ar. I was very happy to find her . I would sit for hours listening to Mama Reed [ Arbelia [Farmer] Reed  talk about her life as a child. The tales of wagon trains, Indians, and how things were when Mama Reed [ Arbelia ] was a child. She knew her grandfather George Washington Woodall had been killed in the fields as he was farming by a band of bushwackers . During the Civil War many men were killed by these roaming bands . I was always asking Moma Reed [Arbelia ] to tell me all those old stories. "Shining Star " was now a real person to me and I wanted to know more about her and her life. Elizabeth Evaline was the oldest child of Leonard Smith and Rebecca ( Workman) Smith . 


" The Children of George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Evaline Woodall "

Alfred Frankin Woodall was the first child born to George Washington  and Elizabeth Evaline . He was born ( Feb, 15 ,1849) in Salisbury N.C.  We do not find a wife for him or the date of his death. It's possible after his family came to Arkansas he remained in N.C. or maybe relocated some where else. We are still researching him.                             


Rebecca Louisa [ Woodall] Farmer, Hunt, Johnson

  Rebecca Louisa Woodall was the second child of George and Elizabeth. Rebecca was born in ( 1850 ) in Davidson County, N.C. She came with her family to Yell County Arkansas about 1854-1855. Rebecca meet and married Littleton Farmer on (25th of March 1875) . Littleton and Rebecca only had a short time together as he died in 1881. She was left to raise three young children. Rebecca married two more times and had three more children. Rebecca's children with Littleton Farmer were , Milas Lee Farmer , born: ( 9th Sept. 1877 ) , Arbelia Farmer, born:( 12 Jan 1881 ) and Amos L. Farmer, born:( 1 th March 1882) just a short time after Littleton died. Rebecca's second husband was John B. Hunt. They were married  (4th of January 1885 ) in Danville, Ar. Rebecca and John had two children together. They were Lula Hunt , born; ( 7th Jan 1885 ) and Addie Hunt , born;(  20th July 1888 ). After she lost John Hunt she married Wm Fayette  Johnston . They had one son together , William H. Johnston . Rebecca was a real pioneer woman that faced her share of hardships. Rebecca died in ( 1937 ) and she is buried in the  Riley Creek , Cemetery in Yell County , Arkansas. 


Lundy Eveline [ Woodall] Wilson

 Lundy Evaline [Woodall ] Wilson was their third child. Lundy was born [26th Dec. 1853 ]. She died in 1943 .  Married George Wilson of Riley Creek . Ar. and they had two sons : Marion Wilson and Raford Wilson.


Wincy Ann Woodall was born in [1854-1912 ] to George and Elizabeth. Wincy Ann married William N. Haire [ 1855-1937] of Riley Creek , Yell Co. Ar. They had a son Haywood Haire [1883-1977 ] and two grandsons, Arvle Haire (1909-1990 ) and Charles Haire (1910-1995 ). Wincy Ann and William N. Haire are both buried in the Riley Creek Cemetry, Yell County, Ar.  Wincy Ann died in [1912 ] and William N. Haire died in  [ 1937 ] .


Susan Angeline Woodall [1856-1938] , was born 16 April 1856 in N.C.  Susan married James J. Ward born abt 1862 in Arkansas . Susan Angeline [Woodall ] Ward and James J. Ward had the following children .
Susan Ward , born abt 1884 .
Emma Ward , born 1886.
John Lee Ward , born 1888 .
Sid Ward , born abt 1890.
Burt Ward , born 1891 .
Ernest Ward , born 1892 .
Belle Ward , born 1896 .
Alice Ward , born 1897 .
Note information , 1900 United States Federal Census , Yell , Danville , Ar.
Note : More research being done on Susan Angeline Woodall.

   Mary Elenore Woodall was born : [ 21 March 1859] in Yell County , Ar.  Mary married James Lee Pierce   of Yell County on  [Mar. 6 , 1883 ] . James Lee Pierce was born in [1868  ]. We are still researching Mary Elenore and James Lee Pierce .


                                      Martha Ann Catherine Woodall born in  [1857] . There is little information about her but she was thought to have died at an early age and was unmarried. We have her in the 1880 census living with her sister Rebecca Louisa Woodall Farmer and her husband Littleton Farmer in the Spring Creek community near Havana , Ar. Littleton Farmer died the next year 1881 and not sure where they moved too. That is where we lose track of Martha Ann Catherine Woodall. I am still researching this family and will update sheet when new information is found.


" A Cherokee Blessing "
May the warm winds of heaven blow
Softly on your home , and the Great Spirit
bless all who enter there .
May your moccasins make happy tracks in
the snows , and may the rainbow always
touch your shoulder . 




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