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Scrapbook Page for Sarah Loutisha [ West ] Reed [1848-1904] and her West Family.


Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed [1848-1904]
Sarah was the daughter of Jesse J. and Carolina West of Cherokee , Al .

  " A Scrapbook Page for a real Pioneer Woman , Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed and her West Family . "

    Sarah Loutisha West was born 19 January 1848 in Cherokee Co. Al. and died 20 June 1904 in Yell Co. Arkansas . The parents of Sarah Loutisha were Jesse J.West b. 1805 and Caroline ( unk) West b.1811 of Cherokee Co. Alabama . Sarah was part of a large family and was one of the younger children . She had many brothers and sisters to look up to.
The children of Jesse J. and Caroline West were ;
Margaret West b. 1832 in Tn.
Amada West b. 1835 in Tn.
Melinda West b. 1837 in Al.
John West b. 1837 in Al.
William B. West 1841 in Al.
James West b.1843 in Al.
Jane West b. 1848 in Al.
Sarah Loutisha West b. 1848 in Al.
Joseph C. West b.1851 in Al.
Sarah learned alot of things from her older brothers and sister's . She watched her mother and older sister washing their clothes outside in a hugh old iron pot that had a fire under it to warm the water . She watched her mother as she lifted the clothes in and out of the old pot and pushing them up and down to clean . Sometimes they would be just steaming as her mother took them out to put some where to dry . She rememberd her mother would hang the clothes on several near by bushes and tree limbs.

The Old West Homeplace , Cherokee Co. Alabama

    Sarah learned at an early age how important the garden was and how important it was to keep all the fruit and vegestables that were grown in the garden .They had to can as much as they could for the long winter months ahead each year .  They learned to cure and smoke and dry the meat their father and brothers brought them. These things were so important to the pioneer family's survival. Everyone had to work together. 
    The old pot belly stove or fireplace had to be keep stoked and watched and  never allowed to go out in cold weather.
All the girls learned at an early age to make clothes and other needed items for the house . Some of the old houses had dirt floors that they tried to cover with scraps of material they had woven into old rag rugs . They used every scrap of material they ever had to make some needed item.  Sometimes making some kind of decoration for the walls of their cabins. Life was hard for Sarah's family but it was a family full of love who all pulled together to survive the rugged life styles they had to live.
There were so many children that were born dead or died in the first few months of their young lives . Sarah learned this fact early in her young life when she saw so many children die . Sarah told her children how important it was to always help eachother and your friends and neighbors . She learned at an early age how important faith , prayers and God was in their lives . She raised all her children to love the Lord and try to strive for the best lives they could possibly make for theirselves.  

    Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed meet and married Enoch David Christopher Reed [1849-1930] . They married 04 September 1868 in Franklin Co. Alabama .They married after Enoch David retured from serving our country in the Civil War.  Sarah and Enoch David had six children together . Their children were ;
Joseph Johnson Reed [1872-1932]
Enoch Benjamin Reed [1873-1933]
William James Reed [1876-1948]
Sara Jane Reed [1878-1906]
James Littleton Reed [1882-1956]
Thomas Calvin Reed [1884-1959]
All the children were born in Franklin County , Al.
We know from family history all the family moved to Arkansas about 1889 .They settled in Yell Co. Ar. Sarah Loutisha died in 1904 and was buried in the Nooner Cemetery Yell/Perry Co . Arkansas.


" Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed's Sisters and Brothers. " 

      WE know very little about Sarah's two older sister's Margaret West b.1832 in Tn. and Amada West b. 1835 in Tn. WE are still researching this family .
Sarah's third oldest sister was Melinda West b. 12 Oct. 1837 in Al. and died in 1907 in Newton , Ill. Her burial was in the Johnson Hill Cemetery , Newton , Ill.  Melinda meet and married Michael Chitwood b. 1832 in South Carolina . He was the son of Pleasant Chitwood b.1800 and Ann [unk] Chitwood  b.1805 .Michael and his family moved to Cherokee Co. Alabama where he meet and married Melinda West.
Melinda and Michael are found in the 1860 U.S. Census for Cherokee Co . Alabama . We find them again in 1870 U. S. Census but they have moved to Illinois , Vermillion , Oakwood , Ill. 
The Children of Michael Chitwood and Melinda [West] Chitwood.
1. William Chitwood b.1855.
2. John Chitwood b. 1858.
3. Pleasant Chitwood b.1860.
4. Mary Chitwood b. 1862.
5. Jesse Chitwood b. 1866.  
We know that Melinda West keep in touch with her sister Sarah Loutisha West and that information was recorded in the West family History .


Jane West [ 1848-1929] was another sister who stayed close to our Sarah Loutisha West . Jane West meet and married Benjamin F. Edgar [1856-1940]  of Franklin Co Al.

Ben and Jane [West]Edgar
Phil Campbell , Al.

There are three brothers of Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed that we know little about . They are John West b. 1838 in Al. ,William West  b. 1841 and James West b. abt 1843 . It is possible they were in the Civil War and lost their lives . There are no notes about them in our family history . There are also two sisters of Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed  that we only know their names and date of birth. We are researching to see if we can find more information about them. In the U.S. Census for 1850 , Cherokee Co. Al. we find they are listed . That is the last time they are listed with their parents ,  Jesse J. West and Carolina West . We also know that Jesse J. West and Carolina West died sometime between 1871 - 1880 .

We know that Sarah Loutisha's youngest brother Joseph C. West followed his sister to Arkansas or came with them as a family group . They settled in Steve , Yell Co . Arkansas .
Joseph C. West was born 11 March 1851 in Al and died 28 Feb. 1924 in Arkansas . He is buried in the Nooner Cemetry , Yell/Perry Co Ar. Joseph C. meet and married Harriet Brock . She was born 1852 and died in 1933 . Harriet [Brock] West is buried in the Nooner Cemetry with her husband Joseph C. West .
"The Children of Joseph C. West and Harriet [Brock] West "
  1. James H. West born 01 July 1874 in Ar. and died June 1969 in Ar. He meet and married Ernie [ Hardburger] West . Ernie [Hardburger] West was born 02 Nov. 1895 and died 08 June 1984 and is buried with her husband in the Nooner Cemetry , Yell/Perry Co. Ar.
2. William L. West born 1886 in Ar. and died 1953 in Ar. and died 1953 in Ar. William L. meet and married Polly [ukn] West , born 09 August 1889 and died 01 July 1964 .
3. Jesse Daniel West , born 04 July 1893 in Ar. and died in 1967 in Ar. Jesse Daniel meet and married Pearl L. [unk] West .Pearl L. was born 10 Feb.1903 and died 13 December 1991 . She is buried with her husband Jesse Daniel West in the Nooner Cemetry in Yell/Perry Co. Ar.


"The Family of James J. Edgar and Francis E. [unk] Edgar ."
James J. Edgar was the son of Benjamin F. Edgar and Jane [West] Edgar . James J. was born , 02 Jan. 1882 and died 14 December 1973 in Al. James J. meet and married Francis E. [unk] Edgar . Francis E. Edgar was born 02 December 1882 in Alabama , and died 30 January 1967 in Alabama .They are both buried in the Edgar Chapel Cemetry in Franklin Co. Alabama.
" The Children of James J. Edgar and Francis E. Edgar "
1. Fletcher Edgar born, 07 June 1908 and died 30 April 1994 . Fletcher married Flossie [unk] Edgar .
2. Phil B. Edgar born , 28 July 1910 and died 12 July 1994 .
3. Aril Edgar born, 1915 and died [unk].
4. James R.L. Edgar born, 27 September 1915 and died 10 May 1992 in Franklin County , Al. James married Ethel V. [unk] Edgar and they are both buried in the Edgar Chapel Cemetry , Franklin Co. Alabama .
5. Beatrice Edgar born , 13 November 1917 and died 11 May 1997 in Alabama . Beatrice married [unk] Raper .
6. Bonnie E. Edgar born , 31 January 1921 and died 13 December 1990 in Memphis Shelby Co . Tn.  Bonnie E. Edgar married James Langford of Tn.
7. Myrtle Lee Edgar born , 22 Feb 1922 and died 14 April 1963 in Alabama . Myrtle married Marshall Raper .
8. Lula Edgar born , [unk] married [unk] Cook . 


This photo of Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed's decendants was made in Memphis , Tn in 1981 on one of the trips taken by Reed cousins and Lula Marie [Reed] Woodard to meet the Edgar Family .
Front Row L to R , Flossie Edgar , Lula Reed Woodard , Lula Edgar Cook , Bernice Edgar Raper . Back row , L to R , Reed Cousin , Woodrow Woodard , Fletcher Edgar , James Langford , Bonnie Edgar Langford . 


Photo was taken in Memphis , Tn. in 1981 at a family reunion to meet some of the decendants of Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed . L to R. Fletcher Edgar , Lula [Edgar] Cook , Beatrice [ Edgar] Raper , and Bonnie [Edgar] Langford .  They are all brothers and sisters of James Jesse and Francis E. Edgar , grandchildren of Benjamin & Jane [West] Edgar . This was the first meeting of the two groups of Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed's decendants .


Myrtle Lee [Edgar} Raper 1922-1963
Sister of Fletcher Edgar , granddaughter of Jane [West] and Ben F. Edgar of Phil Campbell , Alabama

This branch of our family tree is still being researched . Would love to hear from anyone who is connected to this branch of our family tree . We will be adding new information to this page as we find it. Sarah Loutisha [West] Reed was a very special pioneer lady and we want to honor her and her family . She was the great grandmother of the Reed Cousins.

West Family Crest



The Monument for J.J. West and Mrs. JJ. West was placed in the Edgar Chapel Cemetry before we knew the first names or the year they were born . We know that information now. They were James J. West b. 1808 in Tn and Carolina [unk] West b. 1811 in S.C.  We are happy to add this new information to our family tree site. We found them in the 1850 U.S. Census for Cherokee Co. Alabama .

" Remembering the Reed Family with our Love , Honor and Respect ".

Please send any remarks or information to Rebecca at . Would love to hear from anyone who is connected to our Family Tree . Rebecca ..Peace and Love .
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