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Scrapbook Page of Favorite Family Photo's #4


John and Zenoma ( Misenheimer) Patton
!948 in California

The Gang's all here.
Riley Creek , May 1937

L-R , Woodrow Woodard , Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard ,Dennis Misenheimer , Zenoma Misenheimer and John Patton .

Jessie James , Lula Marie and Ida Mae
Riley Creek , Yell County , Ark. 1923

Jesse James Hollimon , Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon .

Sara Jearlene Reed ( 1915-1953 )
Wife of Jesse H. Reed

   Sara Jearlene ( Lassiter ) Reed ( 1915-1953) was the wife of Jesse H. Reed of Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas . Jearlene was the daughter  of P.H. Lassiter of Havana , Ark. She died August 22, 1953 in a Little Rock , Ark. hospital. She had been sick for a long time . Jesse H. and Sara Jearlene had four children together . One infant b/d and two boys and one girl all living . Jearlene was buried in the Russell Cemetery , near Belleville , Ark.

Ida Mae ( Reed) Hollimon and Lula Marie ( Reed) Woodard.


Ben Edgar and Jane Merelda ( West ) Edgar . Jane M. West was a sister to Sara Loutisha ( West ) Reed . This was made not long before they passed away . Photo was taken near Phil Campbell , Alabama . They lived in that area until their death .


Mary Lee ( Sherrell ) Reed ( 1902-1978)
Wife of Calvin Reed ( 1896-1973)

Mary Lee ( Sherrell ) Reed ( 1902-1978 ) was the wife of  Calvin Reed ( 1896-1973 ) . Mary Lee was the daughter of John and Virginia Sherrell. Mary was the sister of Lacy Brown Sherrell ( 1914-1998) . Mary Lee and Calvin Reed are both buried in the Upper Spring Creek , Cemetery , Yell County , Arkansas.

Amos Farmer and daughters Winnie and Bernice.
Riley Creek , Yell County , Ark.

Amos L. Farmer ( 1882-1949 ) with two of his daughters . They are Bernice and Winnie Farmer . Photo was taken on the old Reed Homeplace . Amos was the son of Littleton Farmer (1852-1881 ) and Rebecca Louisa ( Woodall ) Farmer (1850-1937) .  Amos was born after his father died . Amos died in Califorinia  and is buried in Westminister Memorial Park in Cypruss , Calif.


Jesse H. Reed and his mother , Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Arbelia was proud of all her children and showed her love in many ways.

Jesse H Reed and Mother Arbelia (Farmer) Reed

1917--Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas.
Ida Mae ,Mary and Effie Lee

Photo of L-R , Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon , friend Mary Denton and Effie Lee ( Reed ) McBride. Ida Mae and Effie Lee were daughters of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed of Yell County, Ark.



A great family photo of some of the family . L to R ..Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard , Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon , Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed , Lula ( Hunt ) Misenhimer and the two children in front are Adrain Hawks and Dennis Misenhimer . Lula ( Hunt ) Misenhimer was a sister to Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Photo was made about 1923 .

Mary and Woodrow Misenheimer

Photo of Zenoma Misenheimer and Mae Ru Patton at Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas


Woodrow and Mary Misenheimer just checking out those beaches in California. I guess it was fall time.

Mary Reed ...May 1966
Enjoying all her company.

Mary E. Reed was a wonderful woman who I got to know . She was the wife of James Littleton Reed and they lived in Fort Smith , Arkansas . Aunt Mary loved company and was always ready to talk or show you pictures of her children . She was always smiling and happy . She lived to be 93 yrs old. She is in the front holding her little dog. In back l-R ,son Carl Reed and daughter Ruby Reed . She was enjoying the company of Victor and Effie McBride and Woodrow Woodard . I am sure Woodrow's wife Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard is taking this picture .


I was so happy to get this picture of Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Arbelia is smiling in this picture . Moma Reed always looked so serious in most of her pictures.

Floy ( Farmer ) and Talmadge Boykins

This is a great picture . I know they are on the way to Church. Floy Farmer was one of Milas and Flora ( Patton ) Farmer's daughters.

Down On The Farm
1937 Riley Creek, Arkansas

Come on , the girls are waiting. L-R ,Woodrow Woodard ,John Patton ,Charley Misenheimer and Dennis Misenhimer .

The Old Reed Homeplace

This is a photo of the Old Reed Homeplace. It is was taken in the Fall of the year about 1950 . Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed had sold the farm several years earlier. It was always a know fact , that everytime we made a trip back to the country we would go by the old homeplace.  This old house had seen many happy times in years past and the love and warm felings just seemed to have lingered there . You could almost feel it as you walked around the old house. It gave you such a warm and happy feeling. I think a house can pick up feelings and that energy just seems of float around it . It's something that can not be explained in words ,it just is . I know Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed missed that old homeplace but it just became to lonely for her.  After she sold the place she lived with her children all her remaining years.


Enoch Benjamin Reed and Daughter Ida Mae ( Reed )
1901 Steve , Yell County , Arkansas

This is a great photo. It's the youngest picture we have of Enoch Benjamin Reed (1873-1933) and his oldest daughter Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon ( 1900-1952 ) . According to family background , Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed (1881-1959)  did not like the way she looked in photo and cut herself off picture .


 Our Scrapbook pages of family photo's has been a real joy for me to put together . I think pictures can make a family tree come alive . It is a way to remember and honor our family members who are apart of this great family and all it's branches and twigs . Each picture has it's own story and is just one little spark of light that makes up all the sparks of light that are our family tree .


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