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Welcome to Our Scrapbook of Treasured Family Photo's #3

Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard


Photo of Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard ( 1908-2000 ) . Lula was born in Steve , Yell County , Arkansas. She was the youngest child of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Lula Marie attended High School in Belleville , Arkansas. She was a member of the 1932 class , Belleville High School  They had their 40th Anniversary , September 1st,1972 . After graduation Lula Marie went on to attend the Arkansas Polytechnic College at Russellville , Arkansas . Lula meet Woodrow Woodrow in 1935 and they were  married June 26 , 1937 in Havana , Arkansas by Rev. George Patton. Woodrow was the son of James Thomas and Minnie Lue ( Pool ) Woodard of the Macedonia Community , Arkansas .The young couple  lived in Macedonia , Arkansas , Califorina and finally settled in Amarillo , Texas . Lula Marie worked for White and Kirk Stores for many years and Woodrow was a self-employed construction worker and builder until he retired.


  Enoch Benjamin Reed ( 1873-1933 ) and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed (1881-1959 ). This photo was taken out in front of their old home on Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas. Enoch B, and Arbelia married ( 9th Day of April, 1898 ).

Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed
Riley Creek , Arkansas

Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon and Lula Marie Reed.
Photo taken on Riley Creek, the old Reed Homeplace.

Ida Mae looks like she waiting for someone to take her and Lula Marie for a ride . This was many years before she learned how to drive but when she did learn how to drive she was off , doing so many things she loved. Ida Mae was very active in her church and loved helping people. She had a kind and gentle spirit , always reaching out and showing her love.


This photo was taken about 1955 when Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed went to Clovis , New Mexico to visit with her cousin Will T. Farmer and his family . Will T's  daddy was the brother of Littleton and Crittendon Farmer.


Arbelia ( Farmer )Reed and Lula (Hunt Misenheimer.

    This is a really great picture of two sisters who shared a very close relationship all their lives. On the left is Arbelia (Farmer) Reed ( 1881-1959) and her sister Lula ( Hunt ) Misenhimer (1885-1970) . They shared the same mother , Rebecca Louisa ( Woodall) Farmer,Hunt, Johnston. Arbelia's father was Littleton Farmer and Lula's father was John B. Hunt, Rebecca's second husband.  This is the youngest picture we have of Arbelia. I would think she is probably in her early 40's.


Woodrow Woodard and Lula Marie Reed
May 1937

  This photo was taken about a month before they married in 1937 . What a great couple they made .

Jesse H. Reed and Lula Marie Reed with friends.
Sunday in Reily Creek Arkansas -1924


Sunday was the day to visit and take pictures in the country. This is a good picture of Jesse H. and Lula Marie with some of their friends. L to R , Marie White , Jesse H. Reed , Chessie (Arnold) Reed , Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard and Victor McBride . I do not know if Effie Lee was taking this photo but she probably was since Victor McBride was her boyfriend .


From the L. Jesse H. Reed , Arthur Farmer , Dennis Misenhimer ( child ) ,Talmadge Boykin and Tony Powers .
                                     Talmadge holding young Dennis, married Arthur's Lee Farmer's sister , Floy Farmer. Papa Reed loved to take pictures of his family .That has been a great treasure for us and our family tree.  


Picture of Ed and Eda ( Hawks ) Dickson was taken August  31, 1963 . Eda was 61 yrs old and Ed was 69 yrs. old .  Eda was the sister to Bill Hawks and a daughter of Sara Jane ( Reed ) Hawks and Albert Hawks . Sara Jane Reed was the only sister of Enoch Benjamin Reed .

Ed and Eda ( Hawks ) Dickson 1963


    This photo was taken at Macedonia where Lois Farmer taught school. The girls, L to R : Mamie Misenhimer , Lois Farmer , Lula Marie Reed and Amylee Misenhimer . What beautiful young ladies they all are. Photo was taken about 1929 . 


Chessie Arnold and Ida Mar Reed-1918

   Photo of friends , Chessie ( Arnold ) Reed and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon .They are in their early teens. Probably around 1914.


Victor and Effie Lee ( Reed ) McBride

Photo of Victor McBride and Effie Lee ( Reed) McBride. Picture was taken about 1 month before they married. The couple married 25th of December,1924 . Victor McBride ( 1897-1979) and Effie Lee (Reed ) McBride (1902-1985 ) are buried in the McBride Cemetery near Havana, Ark.

Thelma Misenhimer &Noble McKinney 1932

Photo was taken about 1932 of Thelma Misenhimer and Noble McKinney . Do not know if they are married in this photo but they did marrry. Thelma was a daughter of Lula ( Hunt) Misenhimer .

Ida Mae (Reed) Hollimon 1900-1952
Ida Mae was the first child born to Enoch B. and Arbelia.

Harold Wayne abt 2 yrs.
A Grandson of Addie ( Hunt ) Webb.

 This adorable little boy is Harold Wayne Guinn . He is the son of Tressie ( Webb) Guinn & Theo Guinn. He was the brother of , James , Kenneth ,and Sue ( Gwinn ) Mitchell .He is a grandson of Addie ( Hunt) Webb.

Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard (1908-2000)

Edith and Chester Barrick
Children of Friends.


 Photo of William Jesse Reed " Bill" and his wife Mary ( Hale) Reed. William J. was the son of Enoch David Christopher and Sara Loutisha (West) Reed . He was born in Franklin County, Alabama in 1876.  William and Mary(Hale) Reed had four sons , Lawarence Reed, Edderage Reed, Wesley Reed and Wayne Reed . Their two daughters were ,Dovie (Reed) Pryor and Winnie( Reed) Boznich . William lived at or near Arkoma for 29 years before his death in 1948 . He is buried in the New Hope Cemetery , near Arkoma , Okla.

William Jesse and Mary ( Hale ) Reed


Addie ( Hunt) Webb (1888-1976)
Addie and friend in 1975.

Any one for riding a horse ? These young ladies are trying to decide who should take the first ride . L-R , Ida Smith ,Ruby Wilson ,and Freeda Smith .  We do not know who the last girl is but she sure looks like she's a sister of Freeda Smith . Ida and Freeda Smith are daughters of Jackson and Rosie ( Reed ) Smith . Ruby Wilson is the daughter of Rayford Wilson and a granddaughter of Lundy ( Woodall) and George Wilson .

Addie (Hunt) Webb (1888-1976)
Addie , Daughter of William B. and Rebecca Louisa (Woodall) Farmer,Hunt.

 This photo was taken in 1975 , about one year before Addie ( Hunt) Webb passed away. Addie was born 20th day of July 1888 to Rebecca Louisa ( Woodall ) Farmer , Hunt  and William B, Hunt . Addie had  sisters Lula ( Hunt) Misenhimer (1885-1970)  and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed (1881-1959) , brothers, Milas Farmer (1877-1947) Amos Farmer (1882-1949 )  and William H. Johnston.  Addie married Arthur Webb ( 1881-1960) . Arthur and Addie children together were :  Tressie (Hunt) Gwinn(1917-1978) , Ruby ( Hunt) Miller , Clarence O. Webb (1925-1950) and Hermon O. Webb (1918-1968) . Addie lived to the age of 88 yrs. She lived in Belleville , Yell County, Arkansas . She was a native of the Riley Creek Community, a housewife ,and a member of the Methodist Church ,where her funeral was held. Addie was buried in the Riley Creek Cemetery in Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas.

 Picture of friends of Effie Lee( Reed ) McBride and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon taken in about 1915 . The two friends with them are Merle Kimbrough and Mary Chandler . We are not sure which girl is in the front or which is in the back . It someone knows that information , please e-mail the site and let me us know.


Effie Lee ( Reed ) McBride

Effie Lee ( Reed) McBride (1902-1985) was a daughter of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Effie Lee married Victor McBride ( 25th day of December 1924 ) . Victor McBride ( 1897-1979) was a sweet wonderful Uncle to all his neices and nephews. Aunt Effie and Uncle Victor are buried together in the McBride Cemetery , near Havana , Arkansas. I have so many special memories as a child when I visited the McBride Homeplace . I will always treasure those special days and memories.

Radford Wilson
Radford was the son of George and Lundy Evaline [Woodall] Wilson.

Ruby Reed and Lillian Chandler 1920's

The photo's we have of our family tree are a precious treasure of memories. Each picture has a special meaning to our family tree. It's almost like reaching back in time for a moment . It's so important that we remember and honor our loved ones. These photo's are just one way of showing they are not  forgotten. The people we are today are because our ancestors dared to face the unknown  and keep a record of their adventures, births, marriages and death in a precious Family Bible. The pictures they keep and perserved for their children are all a special gift. On these pages I am trying to honor them and pass all these memories to those that are coming behind us.

Old Hollimon Home Place
Fort Smith , Arkansas

" Remembering the Reed Family with Love , Honor and Respect "


Remarks or Comments please send to Rebecca at : . I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they are apart of our family tree. Please let me know if you have any photo's you would like to add to our Family Scrapbook of Photo's .  Special Thanks , Rebecca , Bonnie , and Joann . ( The Reed Cousins ).


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