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Ida Mae (Reed) Hollimon (1900-1952) & Granddaughter Reba A. (Cookie) Hillanbrand Archie (1954-2004 )


Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon ( 1900-1952 )
Wife of Jessie James Hollimon .

Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon was born in 1900 in a small town in the backwoods of Arkansas. She was the oldest daughter of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . She was a beautiful young child who loved to go places with her parents. She loved the old country church that her parents attended . It was one of the few ways people could socialize in her childhood . Some Sunday's there would be a picnic on the church grounds and everybody came .

   Ida Mae loved to watch her mother cook and wanted to help her mother . But her mother needed her to look after her younger brother and sisters. Ida Mae would rock her baby sister Lula and sang to her . Ida Mae knew very little about the outside world . She loved to climb up on the old buckboard and ride to town with her father .Her father Enoch Benjamin was a farmer and he farmed with his brother Joseph Reed . Ida Mae's parents were not rich but there was always plenty to eat . They had a comfortable life for living in the country . Enoch B. and his brother Joseph had built their cabin like house . It was a very strong sturdy house and stood tall for many years . Beside the house was a smoke house that her father had built and that usually was full of smoked meat. Life was good and Ida Mae was a happy child . Ida Mae learned how to sew at a very early age . It was hard for her feet to reach that pedal but that didn't stop her . She made her father Enoch B. a shirt for Christmas .


    One evening she and her father were coming home from a trip to town to buy supplies and suddenly they both saw the old woman standing beside the road . It was very strange to see anyone walking along the road so close to nighttime . The lady looks to be dressed all in black . She was carrying a lantern and looked around when she heard our wagon come down the road . As they got closer , Ida Mae said " Father are you going to pick her up ?" Her father did not answer her so Ida Mae pushed against his arm to get his attention . Ida Mae could not understand why her father was acting this way . She thought to herself we are not stopping. This was not like her father at all . As they drew closer Ida Mae saw the old lady had just vanished from sight . Where had she gone ?  Ida Mae said , " Daddy where did the old lady go ?"  Enoch looked down at her and told her the woman they thought they had seen had been dead for many years and her ghost had been seen many times along this road . Her father told Ida Mae the the old lady had lived near here a few years past and came to a very tragic end on this same road . She was killed by someone as she walked beside the road at dusk . They never found who killed her and they think her spirit is forever looking for her killer . Ida Mae felt so sad for the old lady who was always searching for her killer . Ida Mae wondered what it meant to be a restless spirit.


    The years passed by and Ida Mae would always remember that old woman on the side of the road . She would talk to her mother about what it meant to see a restless spirit or vision of someone who had died . Her mother tried to explain that there are things in this world we never understand about this life or the beyond .

Jessie James Hollimon ( 1896-1984 ) .
Husband of Ida Mae Reed

     When Ida Mae was sixteen she meet a young man from Alabama who had come to Riley Creek to work for his Uncle Monroe J. Vandiver and his Aunt Martha ( Hollimon ) Vandiver . He told Ida Mae his name was Jessie James and he had been named after the real outlaw Jessie James .Jessie James would make sure he was walking down the road every Sunday as Ida Mae and her friends passed his Uncle's place . After a while he asked her father if he could court Ida Mae . Ida Mae's  father thought he was a nice young man and the romance began . Jessie James got his draft notice to serve in WW1 . He was to report to Danville Arkansas. Jessie told Ida Mae he wanted to marry her before he left if Mr. Reed would give his blessing . They were married before he left and it was decided she should remain with her family until he come home from his tour duty .

    Ida Mae was surprised to find she was pregnant .She was living with her parents on Riley Creek and they were both so thrilled about her baby . This would be their first grandchild . Ida Mae wrote Jessie James and told him about the baby . They were both very sad because they were so far apart .  Ida Mae had a beautiful baby girl but she was born dead . Ida Mae was very upset and cried for days. Even her family could not give her the comfort she needed . Ida Mae began praying that God would help her thru this terrible time in her life . Slowly she began to feel and see the rays of sunlight break thru the clouds. She had a dream one night that she was holding her baby daughter and the baby's face was aglow and seemed to be smiling at her . Ida Mae knew her precious baby was now one of God's angels . She knew some day she would see her again . There is always sunshine after the storms of life . Ida Mae knew someday she would probably have other children but this little baby would always be her special angel.  There is a marker in the Riley Creek Cemetery for her baby . On the marker it should read " Here Lies A Precious Angel "  Ida Mae passed this story on to her daughter and now it's being passed on to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Ida Mae told her daughter she dreamed of that Angel many times over the years . Ida Mae believed the spirit never dies after the soul goes on to God . Death is not the end , thru our faith in God we will see all our loved ones again someday .Ida Mae passed on to Glory and God in1952 .  Peace and Love .. Notes from Rebecca's Journal of the Reed family ..




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Reba A. ( Cookie) Hillanbrand Archie (1954-2004)
Granddaughter of Jessie James and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon .

Reba A. (Cookie) Hillanbrand Archie (1954-2004) .   Reba was born August 1, 1954 in Philadelphia , Pa. and died May 16 ,2004  in Havertown , Pa.  She was buried in Holy Sepulcher  Cemetery , Philadelphia , Pa.  She was the only daughter of  the late Thomas James Hillanbrand and mother living.
Reba was the granddaughter of Jesse James Hollimon and Ida Mae (Reed)  Hollimon . The ggranddaughter Enoch Benjamin Reed and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . the gggranddaughter of Enoch David  C. Reed and Sarah Loutisha ( West ) Reed .
Reba was the ggggranddaughter of Enoch Reed ( 1809) and Mariah ( Johnson ) Reed (1811) . She is part of the direct line from Enoch Reed .


We are very sad that we have lost her at such an early age of 49 but she is apart of the Reed Family Tree. We have all been blessed because she was part of our lives . Reba was a beautiful gracious daughter , woman , wife , mother and grandmother . She left three children , husband , mother and grandchildren to grieve and morn for her.  We feel she should be added to all those who went before her with our love . She will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. She was truly a Reed Gal . It is with great love and respect we add her to our Reed Family Site. We felt she should be placed on this page with her grandmother Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon .


Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]
Beloved Granddaughter of Ida Mae [Reed] and Jesse James Hollimon .


" Remember To Dream "
    Special dreams come to us as a very special blessing .
Just a sign to let us know the spirit and soul are eternal.
Those we love or have loved are just around the corner
of our minds and dreams .
We never really lose them . A touch on the arm , an embrace
the special bond of love is often never spoken. It's there just
the same . It's just always there . The kiss that brushes across your
lips , eternally full of love . Love never really dies , it's always apart
of us.   Remember , take time to dream .
     Rebeccca ...Love and Peace ...


" Remembering the Reed Family with our Love , Honor and Respect"

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