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Welcome To Our Scrapbook of Treasured Family Photo's. #2



These are the children of Charlie and Lula ( Hunt ) Misenhimer . Front row l. to R. Mamie, Woodrow and Jake . In the back is Hugh and Amylee Misenhimer. It looks like little Amylee didn't like this picture of herself to much. A precious picture of the Misenhimer children.

" Golddust Twins "
McBride Children

Herman Webb , Tressie Mae [ Webb] Gwinn & Neighbor
Herman and Tressie Mae Webb [Gwinn] are children of Arthur & Addie [Hunt] Webb.

Jessie James and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon
Life Down On The Farm.

Jessie James Hollimon ( 1896-1984 ) and Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon( 1900-1952 ). This photo was taken after Jessie came home from the WW1. He served our country in France. Jessie James was the son of William James Hollimon and Lena ( Portwood ) Hollimon of Franklin Country , Alabama. Jessie James's came to Arkansas  as  young man to work on the farm of his Aunt Martha ( Hollimon ) Vandiver and Uncle Monroe J. Vandiver . The Vandiver place was on the same country road that Ida Mae lived on. Ida Mae and her sisters and brother always walked down the old road to the Riley Creek Church, in Riley Creek Arkansas. That is how they met. After Jessie James came home from the war he had decided he didn't want to be a farmer but a barber. It seems in the military he found he had a talent for cutting hair. Was that fate ? Jessie James went on to have his dream. He had his own shop in Fort Smith , Arkansas till he was in his 70's. Jessie James was very active in his church and was a wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather. Jessie James lived into his late 80's and was active almost to the day he passed.  Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon passed away at the early age of 51 yrs. She is buried in the Oak Cemetery in Fort Smith , Arkansas. She was a sweet wonderful mother . Jessie James and Ida Mae had two children together , a daughter  b/d and a daughter  living.  Ida Mae had grandchildren , great grandchildren , and a gggrandson she never got to know. I hope thru our family Tree they will all get to know about her and her great family .


 Pumpkin Patch girls down on the farm. L to R...Della ( Reed) Howard, Lula Marie( Reed) Woodard , Pearl (Reed) Hunt and Freda ( Smith ) Morse . Pearl and Della Reed were children of Mathious Calvin and Mary ( Jackson ) Reed . Lula Marie Reed daughter of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer) Reed . Fredda Smith was the daughter of Rosie ( Reed) and Jackson Smith. Photo was taken about 1922.


Great photo of the girls all dressed up and waiting for their fellows . L to R. Lula Marie [ Reed] Woodard , Edith Lampkins , Urcy [McBride ] Jean and Effie Lee [Reed] McBride . abt 1925-1926 in Riley Creek , Yell County , Ar.

Lula Marie [Reed] Woodard& Effie L. [Reed] McBride
Daughters of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia [Farmer] Reed of Riley Creek , Yell County , Ar.

Lula Marie [ Reed] Woodard [ 1908-2000 ]
Taking care of the chickens on the Reed Homeplace .

Lawrence Reed [1898-1983]&Everett Kelly[1895-1919]

Lawrence Reed [1898-1983] and Everett Kelly [1895-1919] were grandsons of Wiley B. and Sinthia J. [Hale]Kelly . Lawrence Reed was the son of William Jesse 'Bill" Reed and Mary E. [Hale] Reed . Everett was the son of William Everett and Nora J. [Hale] Kelly . 


Effie Lee ( Reed) McBride ,Arbelia ( Farmer) Reed and Lula Marie ( Reed) Woodard . Picture was taken in Little Rock ,Arkansas in the 1950's. Very good picture of them all.

Lois Farmer
Lois--Daughter of Milas and Flora Farmer.

Lois Farmer was the daughter of Milas and Flora ( Patton ) Farmer. This picture was sent to our family tree my Bonnie ( McBride ) Delaney. Lois looks like a young teen ager in this photo. Would love to have more information about her.

Effie L ( Reed ) McBride ( 1902-1985 )
Effie ,Daughter of EnochBenjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed.

Photo of Effie L. ( Reed ) McBride, daughter of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed. Effie was born, ( 23th Sept.1902 ) in Steve , Yell County , Ar. Effie Lee died (2th Oct. 1985 ) in Little Rock , Arkansas . She married Victor McBride( 25th December ,1924 ). They had two children together, they are both living.  . Effie Lee  is buried in the McBride Cemetery next to her husband Victor McBride( 1897-1979 ). She was a granddaughter of Littleton Farmer and Rebecca Louisa( Woodall ) Farmer,Hunt, Johnston. In this photo Effie  L. looks like she's probably in her teen's .

Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed .
Reily Creek , Yell County , Ark.

Photo of Enoch Benjamin " Knox " Reed ( 1873-1933) and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed (1881-1959 ). This photo was taken while they lived on Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas. Enoch B. married Arbelia( 9th April 1898)  in Steve, Yell County , Arkansas. Enoch Benjamin was the son of Enoch David Christopher and Sara Loutisha ( West ) Reed . Enoch Benjamin was the grandson of Enoch and Mariah ( Johnston ) Reed of Franklin County , Alabama. Enoch Benjamin was only 61 yrs old when he passed away in his sleep. Arbelia never remarried after his death in 1933. She is buried beside him in the Riley Creek Cemetery in Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas. Arbelia was a wonderful , mother , grandmother and great grandmother.  

Enoch Benjamin Reed Family & Rebecca Louisa .

Great photo of the Reed Family and Rebecca Louisa ( Woodall ) Farmer, Hunt,Johnston. That is a sharp looking automobile in the background. From the left. Effie L ( Reed ) McBride , Unknown , Victor McBride , Enoch Benjamin ,Arbelia and our Rebecca. It's so great that our family took alot of photo's and they were keep in such good shape .These photo's are priceless to our family tree. It makes learning about our family tree seem so real to us. A picture can tell you so much and touch you in such a special way. The more I learn about this great family I am so proud to be the one to put the Family Tree together as a Journal of all kinds of things that will keep these wonderful people alive for those that come after us. It's a matter of Love , Honor and Pride. 

Rebecca Louisa Woodall,Farmer,Hunt,Johnston
Rebecca in her later years .

Rebecca Louisa (Woodall ) Farmer,Hunt,Johnston was born 1850 in Davidson County , North Carolina . Her parents were George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Evaline ( Smith ) Woodall. Rebecca was a very small child when she made a long wagon trip from North Carolina with her parents and grandparents. There were several family groups of Smith's and Woodall's that came to Arkansas about 1855. Their land was worn out and they needed new land to farm. They had heard there was land in Arkansas for homesteading. Rebecca had a brother Albert Franklin ( 1849 ) ,sisters , Susan Angeline ( 1856 ) ,Wincy Ann ( 1854 ) ,Lundy Evaline ( 1853) ,Mary Eleanor (1862) and Martha Ann Catherine Woodall ( 1869 ) . The family settled in Yell County , Arkansas. Rebecca's grandparents, Leonard Smith and Rebecca ( Workman ) Smith , our " Shining Star " also came with the group . We know from family history that George Washington Woodall was killed in the fields by bushwackers that were roaming all the backwoods . Many people from the South lost a loved one to these gangs that roamed the countryside.  After George was killed , Leonard Smith took the family to Fort Morrilton for safety. They stayed there or near there until  the danger had passed.


Rebecca's grandparents, Leonard Smith and Rebecca " Shining Star "  helped their daughter Elizabeth Evaline  raise the children after she  lost her husband George . They were a very private family and Rebecca Louisa had an Uncle Obediah Smith that had made the trip with the family group from North Carolina. They are many stories about the family and their strange ways. They never came to town. They always had a friend pay their taxes and bring them their needed supplies. There are many stories in our family history about their lives and their struggles. I have read many stories about the family thru my research . The more I know about Rebecca Louisa and her family , the more I want to know. Her mother Elizabeth Evaline is the one who started the record in the old family bible that has been such a treasure in our search.


Jessie James Hollimon is all ready for church. Picture made at Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas .

Jessie James Hollimon ( 1896-1984 )

This adorable little boy is Lacy " Brown " Sherrell (1914-1998 ) . He was born at Riley Creek , Yell County , Arlansas . He was the son of  John and Virginia Sherrell . He married Marie Tubbs , Oct. 21 , 1939 . We always had close connections and ties with the Sherrell family . His sister Mary Lee ( Sherrell ) married Calvin Reed .

Lacy " Brown " Sherrell (1914-1998 )

Lewis Webb and Marie Wilson 1920's

Bertie Mae Wilson
Granddaughter of Susan ( Woodall ) Ward

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