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Scrapbook Page of Lula Marie [Reed ] Woodard [ 1908-2000 ]


Lula Marie [Reed] Woodard 1908-2000
Youngest Daughter of Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia [Farmer] Reed .

Special Memorial Page in memory of our Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard ( 1908-2000 ) .

Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard was born in Riley Creek , Yell County , Ar. on 31 December 1908  and died 28 May 2000 in Amarillo , Texas .  Lula Marie was the youngest child born to Enoch Benjamin and Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed . Lula Marie attended Belleville High School and graduated with the class of 1932 .  Lula Marie was a very determined young lady and overcame many things in order to attend Belleville High School . After her graduation she attended the Arkansas Polytechnic College in Russellville , Ar.  Lula Marie meet Woodrow Woodard in 1935 and they were married 26 June 1937 in Havana , Arkansas by Rev. George Patton .



Lula Marie's husband Woodrow Woodard (1918-1999 )  was the son James Thomas and Minnie Lue ( Pool ) Woodard of the Macedonia Community , Yell County , Ar. The young couple made their first home in Macedonia near Woodrow 's parents . Their next move was to Rio Grande City , Texas  in the 40's while Woodrow Woodard served in the WW11 . After the war they settled first in California then in Amarillo , Texas where they lived until their deaths.  They both became very active in community affairs  . Lula Marie went to work for the department store White and Kirk in Amarillo . Woodrow Woodard made a career in construction . They both lived a very busy life style but always keep in touch with their family roots in Arkansas . They usually made two trips a year to see their families .



Lula Marie and Woodrow loved to have company , family or friends . They loved to entertain . Lula Marie was a great cook of all the old country recipies of her mother Arbelia.  She loved to cook  fried chicken and all those country cobblers . Lula Marie had learned how to can almost anything and they always had a big garden to share with all their family , friends and neighbors . Lula Marie had learned all the things most young ladies learned when she was growing up . She made beautiful quilts for herself and family . She loved to make Woody shirts and made most of her clothes.      She was such a special wonderful Aunt to the Reed Cousins . We were the children she and Woody never had . Each Christmas Time we all would recieve some special gift she had made for us.  When she had great neices or nephews , they would recieve a gift also. She was grealy loved by all her family .


Lula Marie became interested in the Family Tree in the early 70's . She started writing letters to all family members she had or could find an address for . She requested information about their parents and children so she could begin putting this family tree together . She received many replies and phone calls with information to help her . She had the records of her mother that were in the old family bible her great grandmother had started and all the information her mother Arbelia could tell her . She started putting all this information together and by hand wrote many letters with all the information she had and all the information that would be clues for those people who came behind her to work with . I know she must have spent many hours just writing these records for all the family members she sent them too. It had to have been a real labor of love . What a great achivement , without a typwriter of PC.  Lula Marie and Woodrow made several trips to Franklin County , Al to see where her Family Tree roots began . She found the old Reed Cemetery where her great grandfather Enoch Reed ( 1809 ) and great grandmother Mariah Johnson Reed ( 1811 ) were buried . Lula Marie took many pictures and meet many new contacts and learned even more information for our Family Tree.  This page is a special page ( Memorial Page ) for her .






L to R , Hestella Talley , Mamie Misenheimer , Lula Marie Reed and Alice Talley . The girls look like they are just waitng for their fellows to take them for a Sunday Ride .


This photo shows Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard  with her sisters Ida Mae ( Reed ) Hollimon ,Effie Lee ( Reed ) McBride and brother Jesse H. Reed . Back Row L to R. Ida Mae , Effie Lee . Front Row , L to R Jesse Reed and Lula Marie .


Sunday was a great time to get together with your family and friends . L to R. Amylee Misenhimer , Betty Banister , Ida Jean , Lula Marie Reed and Minnie Banister . Photo was taken about 1924 .

Girlfriends Forever .

L to R , Amy Lee Misenheimer , Hestella Talley , Mamie Misenhimer , Llano Haire , Alice Talley and Cordie Haney . 1921


This photo was taken at Riley Creek , Yell County , Ar where Lois Farmer taught school for awhile . The girls L to R. Mamie Misenhimer , Lois Farmer , Lula Marie Reed and Amylee Misenhimer . What beautiful young ladies they all are . Photo was taken about 1929-1930 .

Lula Marie Reed & Effie Lee Reed 1921
Reed Homeplace , Riley Creek , Yell County , Ar.


Great photo of Woodrow Woodard and Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard . This photo was taken about one month before they married in 1937 .

Lula Marie ( Reed ) and Woodrow Woodard ..1945

Photo taken in Calif . where Lula Marie and Woodrow Woodard settled after he got out of Army . This is one of their first cars .


Photo of Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard ( 1908- 2000 ) . There were several photo's taken on the Reed homestead of Lula Marie with her family and friends. We are so happy that all these great photo's were taken and preserved for future generations of the Reed Family Tree . They make the world around Lula Marie alive again when we can see all the people that were apart of her life. It's like opening a door that leads us into the olden years .


Lula Marie and her husband Woodrow Woodard in Rio Grande City , Texas .  Woodrow Woodard was serving his country in World War II . Lula Marie was with him in Texas  while he was in the service and stationed there . Woodard Woodard served in the Army as a Military Police . ( MP ) .   When his service time was over  , he decided he didn't want a civilian career in law enforcement or anything connected with it. 


Lula Marie showing off one of her famous quilt designs . What a beautiful spread her quilts made for any bed . Lula Marie used many designs in her quilt making. Everyone in her family received a quilt from her for a special or Christmas gift. I'm sure all family members treasure those special gifts of love from Lula Marie.

Friends and Kin .

A great  photo of Lula Marie Reed Woodard and two of her cousins and their husbands , L to R  front row , Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard , Mamie Louise ( Misenhimer ) Moudy  and Amy Lee ( Misenheimer ) Hancock . .Back row ..Woodrow Woodard , Cecile Moudy  and Riley Hancock .

Lula Marie ( Reed ) and Myrtle A. ( Vandiver ) .
Childhood Friend of Lula Marie

When Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard was growing up she became friends with Myrtle A. ( Vandiver ) Thompson . The Vandiver homeplace was just down the road from the Reed homeplace . Lula Marie and Myrtle A. became friends in their childhood and remained friends until their deaths.  Myrtle was a daughter of Monroe J. Vandiver and Martha ( Hollimon ) Vandiver . The Vandiver family left the Riley Creek community in the 1930's  but Lula Marie and Myrtle A. Vandiver keep in touch all thru the years.


This photo was made on one of Lula Marie's and Woodrow Woodard's trips to New Mexico . On this trip they had gone to visit Myrtle ( Vandiver ) Thompson and her husband Bruce Thompsom , James Gilbert Vandiver and his wife Maggie ( Mangum ) Vandiver . Arbelia ( Farmer ) Reed , Lula Marie's mother had made the trip with them. Photo made about 1945 . Note : Lula Marie Reed's older sister Ida Mae Reed married Jesse James Hollimon who was a first cousin to the children of Monroe J. Vandiver and Martha ( Hollimon ) Vandiver .


Photo of Lula Marie ( Reed ) Woodard and Woodrow Woodard in their later years . They were always proud to fly their American Flag on all special days. They took great pride in their country . This photo was taken at their home in Amarillo , Texas .

50 th Wedding Anniversry


We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. in life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide; and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same; but as God calls us one by one, The Chain will link again.



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" Remembering the Reed Family with our Love , Honor and Respect ".

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