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Littleton Farmer [1852-1881] and Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer, Hunt, Johnston[1850-1937]



    This scrapbook page is in memory of Littleton Farmer [1852-1881] and Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer [1850-1937] and their families . 
    Littleton Farmer was born 25 March 1852 in Waldron , Scott Co. Arkansas . His parents were Finis E. Farmer and Rebecca Ann [Wilson] Farmer . Littleton had a twin brother , whose name was Crittendon Lee Farmer[1852-1922] . . The boys were raised in very difficult dangerous times in Arkansas . They became seperated during the Civil War.
    Littleton and Crittendon Lee Farmer had two other brothers . John W. Farmer [1836-1882] and Jim Farmer [1854-?]
    Crittendon Lee Farmer found work on the Matthias Smith farm when he was 17 yrs and fell in love with Matthias Smith's daughter Sarah Smith . They were married in 1874 in Havana , Yell Co. Arkansas.
    Littleton found a home with the Abraham Wilson family and worked on their farm . Not sure where he was for several years after he and Crittendon Lee became seperated .
    Littleton Farmer meet and married Rebecca Louisa Woodall . They were married , 25 March 1875 , Yell County , Arkansas. They had a short life together as Littleton died in 1881 . They had three children together .
1. Milas L. Farmer [1877-1947]
2. Arbelia [Farmer] Reed [1881-1959]
3. Amos Farmer [1882-1949] 
Milas L Farmer [1877-1947] , was born 09 September 1877 in Belleville , Yell County , Arkansas . He was the oldest child born to Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer and Littleton Farmer . Milas L. meet and married Flora [Patton] [1882-1975] daughter of Stephen and Bell Patton .
"Children of Milas Lee and Flora [Patton] Farmer ."
1. Mamie [Farmer ] Buckman [1906-1991 ] , b.04 June 1906 and died 09 May 1991 in Belleville , Yell County , Arkansas  .  Mamie married Henry Buckman , 24 Dec 1924  in Yell Co. Arkansas . Henry Buckman [1903-1988 ] , was born , 19 Jan. 1903 and died 31 December 1988 in Yell County , Ar. They both are buried in the Havana Cemetery , Havana , Yell County , Arkansas .
2. Floy [ Farmer] Boykin [1900-1970 ] was born 21 Dec. 1900 in Belleville , Yell Co. Arkansas and died 22 December 1970 . Floy [Farmer] was married to Talmadge Boykin [1902-1979 ] Talmadge Boykin was born 03 Sept. 1902 and died 03 Feb. 1979 . Talmadge Boykin was the son of Jefferson and Sophronia[Oates]Boykin .  They are both buried in the Havana Cemetery , Havana , Yell County , Arkansas .
3. Elva Mae [Farmer] Hays [1903-1970 ] , was born 18 Mar 1903 and died 16 August 1970  in Belleville , Yell Co. Arkansas . Elva Farmer married Lawrence Rosco  Hays  Sr. [1904-1996 ] , born , 07 March 1904 and died 31 May 1996  in Yell County , Arkansas . They are both buried in the Russell Cemetery , near Belleville , Yell County , Ar.
4. Arthur Farmer [1904-1970 ] , was born 22 August 1904 and died 16 August 1970  in Belleville , Yell Co. Arkansas . Arthur meet and married Grace Evelyn [Russell] Farmer . Grace Evelyn was born ,. 28 Jan.1906 and died 12 Oct. 1983 . They are both buried in the Russell Cemetery , Yell County , Ar.
5. Lois Elaine[ Farmer] b. abt. 1909 and died [Ukn] in YellCounty Arkansas . Lois meet and married Charles H. Willoughby of Greenland. They were married in Winslow , Arkansas .
Milas Lee Farmer and Flora [Patton] Farmer are buried in the Russell Cemetry near Belleville , Yell Co . Arkansas .
Arbelia [Farmer] Reed [1881-1959] was the only daughter born to Littleton and Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer . Arbelia married Enoch Benjamin Reed of Steve , Yell Co . Arkansas on 09 April 1898 in Steve , Yell Co. Arkansas.
" The Children of Arbelia[Farmer] Reed and Enoch Benjamin Reed ."
1. Ida Mae [Reed] Hollimon [1900-1952] was born 15 August 1900 in Steve , Yell Co. Arkansas . Ida Mae married Jesse James Hollimon[1896-1984]  of Franklin Co. Alabama . Ida Mae died 20 April 1952 . Ida Mae [Reed] Hollimon is buried in Qak Cemetry in Ft. Smith , Arkansas .
2. Effie Lee[Reed] McBride [1902-1985] was born 23 September 1902 in Steve , Yell Co. Arkansas . Effie Lee married Victor McBride[1897-1979] on 25 December 1924 . Victor McBride was from Havana , Yell , County Arkansas. Both Effie Lee and Victor McBride are buried in the McBride Cemetry near Havana , Yell Co. Arkansas .
3. Earl Reed [1904-1905] born in Steve , Yell County , Arkansas . Earl Reed is buried in Nooner Cemetry , Yell Co. Arkansas .
4.Jesse H. Reed [1906-1977] born in Steve , Yell County , Arkansas . Jesse H. married Jearlena [Lassiter] Reed [1915-1953] . They are both buried in Russell Cemetry , Belleville , Yell County , Arkansas .
5. Lula Marie [Reed] Woodard [1908-2000] was born in Riley Creek , Yell County , Arkansas . She was born 31December 1908 and died 28 May 2000 in Amarillo , Texas . She married Woodrow Woodard of Danville , Yell County , Arkansas on 26 June 1937 in Yell County , Arkansas . They are both buried in Memorial Park Cemetery , Amarillo , Texas .
Amos Farmer [1882-1949] was born 09 March 1882 and died 14 April 1949 . Amos married Maggie [unk] Farmer . In later years made their home in California .
" The Children of Amos L. and Maggie Farmer ".
 1. Odell Farmer b. unk
 2. Bernice Farmer b. unk
 3. Winna Mae Farmer  b unk , married Ronnie Hunting.
This list may not be complete . Still researching the children .
Amos Farmer is buried in Cypress , Calif, Westminster Memorial Gardens .
    From family history we know Littleton Farmer died in 1881 suddenly . He was buried in the Reed Family Cemetry , near the Petit Jean River .
    Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer is found living in the Spring Creek Community and had three young children to raise . Rebecca was a very strong pioneer woman who took charge of her life and took care of her children .


" Looking Back at Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer's family background ."

    Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer was born in 1850 in Davidson Co. North Carolina .
Rebecca Louisa was the daughter of George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Evaline [Smith] Woodall of Davidson County , North Carolina .
    Rebecca Louisa and her family came by wagon train about 1854-1855 to Yell County , Arkansas. The trip was made by her extended family as well . They had heard about the land for homesteading in Arkansas. Rebecca's father felt their land in North Carolina had been used for too many crops of cotton and tobacco and was worn out. Her parents were excited at the prospect of finding a new and better life for their family in Arkansas.Rebecca Louisa's grandparents Leonard Smith and Rebecca [Workman] Smith along with their other children all made the trip to Arkansas.
Rebecca Louisa's grandmother Rebecca [Shining Star] Workman, who married Leonard Smith of Rowan County , North Carolina was a Cherokee Indian . We had heard alot of stories about her and her husband Leonard Smith . We knew Leonard was a trapper when he married her.
    We were so thrill when we found the record of their marriage and found them living in Davidson County , North Carolina in the 1850 U. S. Census .
Rebecca's mother Elizabeth Evaline [Smith ] Woodall kept a family bible that was passed down to Rebecca Louisa and her daughter Arbelia [Farmer] Reed . Both Elizabeth Evaline and Rebecca Louisa recorded history in that old Bible.  What a treasure it is . There are also alot of old letters and notes about their family history that were keep over the years. Priceless little bits of information that helped so much in our research of the family tree . There were so many pictures that were keep and passed down to the Reed Cousins .
We are so thankful that both Rebecca Louisa and her daughter Arbelia keep them all to pass down to their family .
    The wagon trip from North Carolina to Arkansas was a hard long trip for them all . Elizabeth E. , Rebecca's mother keep a record of their travels and recorded all the details about herself , her children and the extended family menbers who made the trip with them. Rebecca's Uncle Obediah Smith and wife Aunt Margarite [Ryder] Smith with their children also made the trip with them.
    There were many stories about their lives and travels . Rebecca Louisa [Woodall] Farmer was a true pioneer woman .


Back in those years times were very dangerous for anyone who lived in the country . There were so many bushwackers that roamed the backroads and killed many men in the years of the Civil War . Rebecca Louisa's father George Washington Woodall was killed while ploughing in the fields .
 Rebecca's grandparents , Leonard Smith and Rebecca [Shinning Star] Workman Smith decided to take the family to a safer location until the danger of the backwoods and the the Civil War ended . According to family history they went to Fort Morrilton , Arkansas .
When things were safe again, they brought the family back to Riley Creek and helped their daughter Elizabeth Eveline [Smith] Woodall raise her children .
We do not know if Elizabeth's brother Obediah Smith and his wife Margaret [Ryder] Smith stayed on their land all thru the Civil War but we do know they keep their farm and lived there until their deaths .
We do know that Obediah Smith did not welcome company . His was a very private family and they keep to their selves . The Tax man never came to collect the taxes because Obediah Smith always sent them to town with a friend . Obediah usually had a friend go to town for their needed supplies .
There were rumors that after Obediah Smith's death his spirit roamed the back roads of Riley Creek . There were many nights people thought they saw him with an old lantern crossing the road toward the old Reed Place near the Petit Jean River bottoms .
We do know he and several members of his family are buried in the Smith/Talley Cemetery in Yell County , Ar.

Smith/Talley Cemetery , Yell County , Ar.

Riley Creek Cemetery , Yell County , Ar.

Russell Creek Cemetery , Yell County , Ar.


Note : There are two other pages on this site that relate to this page . Please check " George Washington Woodall and Elizabeth Eveline [Smith] Woodall and " Leonard Smith and Rebecca [Workman] Smith . They are listed above in index of pages . There are also many pictures on several of the scrapbook pages as well . 


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