Family Tree , Hollimon,Vandiver and Portwood.
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Scrapbook Page Of Family Photo's #2



J. J. Hollimon and daughter [living]

Reba A.[Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie and Parents .
1960, St. Bridget's Catholic Church, Penn.

Claire E.[Ford] Hollimon, Reba[Cookie] and Dad Tom
New York City Trip .

Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]

Young Hillanbrand Family Photo
Cookie with father Thomas J, and mother [living ]. Abt 1958

Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie[1954-2004]

This photo is just one of the many photo's that were taken over the years at vacation time . Reba A. [Cookie] loved the Jersey Shore and spent many happy summers there over the years .

Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie and Mother
Disney world 1992

Reba "Cookie" Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]
Granddaughter of Jesse J. Hollimon

Thomas James Hillanbrand Family
Easter Sunday [1955]

Thomas J. Hillanbrand , Re, Lula Marie [Reed] Woodard & Woodrow Woodard ..

Photo was taken on a vacation trip to Texas in the early 1970's . In the background is the beautiful Pala Dura Canyon .

J.J. Hollimon [1896-1984] and Daughter
Riley Creek Cemetery , Yell County , Arkansas

Jesse J. Hollimon [1896-1984 ]
Son of William James Hollimon & Lena [Portwood] Hollimon

Photo's on this page are from the scrapbook pages of Rebecca and Reba A. [Hillanbrand] Archie . They are just part of one of the many branches of the family tree .
Would love to hear from anyone who is connected to this family tree .
Please send any remarks , comments or information to Rebecca at ...Peace and Love . 2017-2018.


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