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Scrapbook Page of Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]


Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004 ]
Granddaughter of Jesse J.and Ida Mae [Reed] Hollimon .

Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie was born August 1, 1954 in Philadelphia , Pa. to the late Thomas James Hillanbrand and Mother [living]. She was the only child of Thomas James Hillanbrand and the only grandchild of Jesse J. Hollimon and Ida Mae [Reed ] Hollimon .
Reba was also the granddaughter of Francis Joseph Hillanbrand and Helen [ Mclaughlin ] Hillanbrand of Philadelphia , Pa.  Reba was the ggranddaughter of William James Hollimon and Lena [Portwood] Hollimon of Franklin Co. Alabama and Joseph Peter Hillanbrand and Ellen I. [Francis] Hillanbrand of Philadelphia , Pa.
Reba [Cookie ] Hillanbrand Archie died suddenly in her sleep on May 16 , 2004 . After a Funeral Mass at St. Bridget's Catholic Church in Philadelphia . Pa . she was buried in , Holy Sepulcher Cemetery , Phila. Pa.
Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie attended school at St. Bridget's Catholic School  and also Hallahan Catholic Girls High School in Philadelphia.
She was a gracious beautiful daughter , wife , mother and grandmother . A woman who loved her family above all else . She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her and especially her family group .

Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]
Cookie 's father Thomas James Hillanbrand [1931-1978]


You will always live within our hearts

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to heaven
to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.

~ Author Unknown~


Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]
Granddaughter of Jesse J. Hollimon and Ida Mae [Reed] Hollimon.

As a young teenager , Reba [Cookie] could be seen riding her bike all around her East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia .  


J. J. Hollimon , Reba "Cookiie" &Claire E. [ Ford] Hollimon .

Photo of Reba A. [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004] and her father Thomas James Hillanbrand [1931-1978] . Picture was made at the Marriott Inn on City Line Rd in Philadelphia , Pa.  On Sundays after Mass her family would stop by the Marriott and have Sunday Brunch . This was one of her favorite photo's of herself and her father .


Photo of Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie and her grandfather Jesse J. Hollimon [1896-1984 ]. Picture was taken about 1979 in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens , Arkoma , Okla / Arkansas line . Her grandfather Jesse J. Hollimon was buried there in 1984 next to second wife Claire E. [Ford ] Hollimon . Claire E. was the only grandmother Reba remembered . Jesse J. Hollimon's first wife had died in 1953 before Reba [Cookie] was born.


Photo of Reba [Cookie] Hillanbrand Archie taken on her Wedding Day , Feb. 14 , 1985 in Philadelphia . She was given in marriage by Joseph F. Hillanbrand [ who was her uncle and the oldest brother of Hillanbrand Family ] . Her father had passed away in 1978 .


Reba " Cookie" Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]

Thomas J. Hillanbrand Family
Tom [Turk] , Reba [Cookie ] , Mother Living . abt. 1959/1960

Reba "Cookie" [Hillanbrand] Archie [1954-2004]
Picture taken with Mom [Living] Vacation Time about 1980.

Reba"Cookie" Hillanbrand Archie 1954-2009
Remembering Reba on her 5th Anniversary.You are missed so much .

Reba A, Hillanbrand Archie [1954-2004]

Remembering you my daughter on this the 12th Anniversary of your passing . You are missed more every day . The pain of your passing is so hard to understand at times . You are always in my thoughts and prayers Cookie . Forever , Mom , 5/19/16.


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